AHPRA 2014/2015 Annual Report is out now


2014/2015 AHPRA Annual Report is out nowData from the Australian Health Practitioner Agency [AHPRA] report show numbers for registered health practitioners continue to grow in Australia. The report covers 14 different professions, with a total of 637,218 registered health practitioners registered nationwide for a 2.9 per cent growth in the last year.

The health register creates an avenue for the dissemination of health practitioner information to the public. “Information about each of these registered health practitioners is easily available to the community through the national online register,” says Martin Fletcher, chief executive officer of AHPRA. “Maintaining an up to date national register is one of the most important ways in which we protect the public.”

The AHPRA report will cover the agency’s body of work over the last year. A statement from AHPRA said the report will highlight their work to “improve our performance and our services; how we are using our data to embed risk based approaches to regulation based on clear and transparent principles; strengthened public protection through practitioner audit and tougher criminal history checks, and; work to improve the practitioner and notifier experience.”

While the main focus of the report is public safety, AHPRA also focused on expediency and notification requirements. “We are clear that our main purpose is to improve public safety and facilitate access to quality health services in partnership with National Boards,” said AHPRA agency management committee chair Michael Gorton.

“The timeliness of our work is very important. Together with the National Boards we have significantly reduced the average timelines for assessing new notifications’ we have reduced the number of open notifications by 25% and we have improved the closure rate for investigations for the third year running.”

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