3D Printer Buyer’s Guide

3D printer buyer's guide

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Learn how to move from analog to digital workflows and find a 3D printer for your dental practice. 

There’s no way around it: the future of dentistry is inevitably digital. With cutting-edge digital solutions for digital impressions, treatment planning, design, and 3D printing, what was once prohibitively expensive is rapidly becoming accessible, already transforming thousands of dental practices worldwide. As CAD/CAM continues to replace traditional workflows and become the standard of care, digital solutions have become a necessary consideration for any dental business.

Why Go Digital?

Digital dentistry reduces the risks and uncertainties introduced by human factors, providinghigher consistency, accuracy, and precision at every stage of the workflow. 3D intraoral scanning removes many of the variables associated with taking a traditional impression, giving technicians more accurate data to design from. Dental CAD software tools provide visual interfaces similar to traditional workflows, with the added benefit of being able to automate certain steps, as well as easily identify and fix mistakes.

Chairside 3D printers can deliver a range of high-quality custom products and appliances with repeatable results right your dental practice, increasing clinical acceptance by the patient and resulting in fewer errors and adjustments along the way.

Improved Efficiency: Time and Cost Savings

Digital dentistry can be a no-nonsense business choice, improving efficiency in dental procedures and streamlining workflows. In a dental practice, saving time on menial tasks means shorter appointments, increased throughput, and increased patient satisfaction.

Easy impression taking with 3D intraoral scanners reduces chair time and reduces labour, and cuts out the cost of materials and the need to ship impressions to the lab. There’s instant feedback, and no manual errors like voids, bubbles, or tears, eliminating the need for retakes.

3D printer buyer's guide

Better Patient Experience and Outcomes

One of the most significant benefits of digital technologies is improved patient experience and comfort. A satisfied patient is more likely to return and recommend a clinic to others, contributing to the long-term success of any dental practice.

Digital technologies improve the workflow from diagnosis to planning to treatment. Intraoral scanning is faster and substantially more comfortable than regular impressions, while CBCT scanning adds a new dataset to assist planning. Virtual treatment planning and appliance design enable less invasive treatments and prosthetics with a better fit. Digital tools also simplify communications between the dentist and patient, and the practice and laboratory.

How to Evaluate Dental 3D Printing Solutions

Guaranteeing high-quality, accurate, final parts is the most important concern for any dental practice. Unfortunately, not all 3D printers marketed for dentistry can all deliver the quality, precision, and accuracy needed for dental applications. In addition, comparing different 3D printing solutions goes beyond looking at technical spec sheets.

Fundamentally, accuracy and precision depend on many different factors: the quality of the3D printer, the 3D printing process, materials, software settings, post-processing, and how well calibrated all of these systems are, so a 3D printer can only be judged on its final printed parts.

Formlabs Dental from William Green, is a leading global provider of 3D print solutions, dedicated to dental applications. We are committed to enable dental professionals in the dental laboratory and dental clinic with seamless 3D printing solutions to further enable digital dentistry. 

With a comprehensive line up of biocompatible resins and validated 3D printers we offer print solutions that go beyond standard applications, thanks to this versatile resin portfolio and our Form 3B+ printer. Formlabs Dental makes dentistry easier with an unmatched seamless workflow and industry leading print quality.

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