3M™ ESPE™ Clinpro™ White Varnish 5% Sodium Fluoride—now available in a 100 single-dose value pack


Clinpro_White_Varnish_100pk_12250_1_PPWhen it comes to topical fluoride, the choice has never been easier. Launching in July, 2015, Clinpro White Varnish is a fluoridated clear varnish for treatment of hypersensitive teeth; it is appropriate for use on both enamel and dentine. It is moisture- and saliva-tolerant. Consequently, it flows smoothly on moist teeth and binds firmly to their surfaces.

Exclusive formula 

Clinpro White Varnish 5% Sodium Fluoride with functionalised Tri-Calcium Phosphate (fTCP) is a proprietary formula that contains fluoride, calcium and phosphate—components naturally found in saliva. It provides a prolonged, steady fluoride delivery, enhancing absorption into the tooth and giving the protection you expect for patients of all ages.

Dosage guide for controlled application

Hypersensitivity caused by opening of the dentinal tubules due to attrition and erosion can be successfully treated with Clinpro White Varnish. The varnish is painted onto the teeth, and can easily be divided into 0.25ml for primary dentition, 0.4ml for mixed dentition to 0.5ml for permanent dentition. Dosage guide on the back of the foil pouch and dosage stickers contained in the pack provide a quick and accurate determination of the appropriate dose.

Easy application 

There is no need for drying before or after treatment. Clinpro White Varnish does not leave any yellow discolouration on the teeth and provides a fresh mint taste in the patient’s mouth. The inclusion of the sugar substitute, xylitol, sweetens the varnish and also contributes to the inhibition of plaque growth and bacterial metabolism.

Single unit dose for convenience 

Product application is simplified through easy individual dosing because Clinpro White Varnish is available in a box of 100 unit dose blister packets with a fresh mint flavour.

For more information, contact:

3M Australia, Building A, 1 Rivett Rd, North Ryde, NSW. Call 1300 363 454; www.3m.com.au/espe

3M New Zealand, 94 Apollo Drive, Rosedale, Auckland. Call 0800 808 182; www.3m.co.nz/espe

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