3M ESPE Sectional Matrix Plus


I like the 3M ESPE Sectional Matrix Plus because it has a small lip area that can be positioned subgingivally. It’s very versatile and can be used on just about every tooth. 

What’s good about it
I’ve used other matrix systems in that past and found that the bands are often too malleable. The 3M matrix bands are rigid and they also have well-shaped anatomical curves. I always get a nice contact when I use them.

Other matrix bands need to be placed in the right spot straight away or it will bend and become useless. While other systems work fine if the contact is pretty open, if the contact is in a more challenging position then it can be difficult to position them properly without bending.

The 3M system is very consistent and the bands have just enough rigidity so they don’t bend under pressure. They allow me to treat a range of cavity sizes, even if it goes a bit sub-gingival or is just a small, proximal cavity.

This is a very versatile system and you don’t need a range of different band sizes. Very occasionally, I may use a pre-molar band but essentially you can use these bands on all restorations.

What’s not so good
I’ve mixed and matched a couple of systems to create my ideal solution. I had used the V-Ring system but found their bands were too soft. So, I started using Garrison rings and their matrix bands. I happened to run out of the Garrison bands but had 3M matrix bands on hand. By accident, I came across my preferred combination—a 3M matrix band secured by a V-ring or Garrison ring. 

Where did you get it
Henry Schein Halas.

By Dr Jess Manuela, Dental South, Margate, TAS

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