4 Ways to Improve Your Dental Implant Workflow

improving dental implant workflow

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Ian Feigen, Technical Services Director, Avant Dental

New tools and technologies have transformed what’s possible for dentists to achieve with dental implants. However, with so many types of implants, methods, materials, and brands available, figuring out which solution is the best fit for each patient can be difficult. 

That’s where your dental lab steps in as your knowledgeable partner. They can help guide you through the complex world of dental implants, improve the efficiency of your implant workflow, and design and manufacture precise, personalised restorations that drive the best possible treatment outcomes. 

Your relationship with a dental lab typically begins at the pre-planning stage. Lab technicians will work with you to ensure precise implant design and placement based on digital scans or physical impressions. 

Then, following a review process, the design goes into the manufacturing stage where the lab crafts the implant restoration to match precise specifications.

Here are four ways dental labs make implants easy:

Simple implant planning and placement

Most dental labs utilise advanced imaging techniques such as intraoral scans and cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) to gain precise insights into the patient’s bone structure, nerve pathways, and overall oral anatomy. This aids in accurate implant placement planning that significantly simplifies the surgical stage. 

At Avant Dental, we also assist dentists with case-specific treatment plans that are tailored to the patient’s unique needs and anatomical considerations. This plan typically encompasses implant type, size, location, angle, and the eventual restoration strategy. 

Enhanced surgical accuracy 

Some dental labs may also help to enhance the accuracy and success of dental implant procedures with surgical guides. Surgical guides are typically custom made to fit over the patient’s dental arch and include guide holes that dictate the exact location and trajectory for implant placement. 

For example, Avant’s 3D-printed surgical guides lock into place like a splint, and a metal sleeve is used to stop the drill at the exact level required in the bone. This provides an unparalleled level of precision, and minimises the risk of deviations from the planned implant positions to streamline the surgical process, reduce intraoperative decision-making, and promote faster healing times.

More predictable outcomes 

Many modern dental labs use CAD/CAM software to enable precise milling of materials such as zirconia and metal for prosthetic frameworks to ensure predictable outcomes that align perfectly with the treatment plan.

Avant takes this technology one step further. We use a virtual environment to accurately represent the patient’s oral anatomy, and create virtual mock-ups prior to manufacture that allow dentists and patients to visualise the final result. On-the-spot adjustments can be made at this stage in our virtual lab to address aesthetic and functional concerns.

Training and educational programmes 

Technologies, techniques and materials are constantly evolving in the dental implant space. Ongoing training and education is vital for dentists and dental practice staff who want to stay on the cutting edge. 

In addition to constant communication with our expert technicians throughout the entire dental implant workflow, Avant also provides a range of resources to support ongoing training and education for dentists. 

Throughout the year, we invite dentists into our state-of-the-art Sydney lab to learn new skills and techniques from leading experts in a series of full-day hands-on workshops. We also offer a collection of free online articles and webinars across a range of clinically-focused topics. 

Find out more about how Avant Dental can improve your dental implant workflow. Call 1800 287 336 or visit us online at www.avantdental.com.au

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