62% of your patients want straighter teeth. Are you sitting on a goldmine?

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Despite a slowdown in household disposable incomes and fewer people with private health insurance, Australian dentists are sitting on a goldmine.  

Research by Orthodontics Australia shows that approximately 55% of Australians are self-conscious about their smile and 62% are willing to have their teeth straightened. Which explains why the Australian clear aligner market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 28.7%; reaching a whopping USD 534.3 million by 2028.  

There’s no debate that clear aligners are here to stay. 

Whether you’ve been holding off, dabbling in cases, or you’re looking to take on more complex cases, now is the time to level up your skills and tap into this growing demand. 

DIY clear aligners do not “cut out” dentists

Without a dental expert overseeing cases, DIY aligners can be a risky business. The diagnostic process is going to suffer.  Patients might not be ready for aligners. Impressions taken by the patient may not be accurate.  Plus, the patient has no idea whether things are going well or not. Therefore, dentists with strong aligner skills are in demand.

Dentists who invest in the right training and support are therefore tapping into a huge opportunity to gain a foothold in this growing industry and future-proof their practices by providing high value services that patients are searching Google for. 

In fact, at the time of publication, Australia has the 4th largest search volume for clear aligners in the world, closely tailed by the UK. 

Competitive edge

Many dentists are beginning to see changes in the industry that could put their clinics at risk:

  • Local communities aren’t supporting dentists like they used to, forcing clinics to find new ways to reach patients.
  • Dentists are getting pushed aside by well branded corporates who are running big budget internet, TV, magazine and billboard ads.
  • Approximately 1,200 new dentists are flooding the market each year with only 550 dentists retiring in the same time period, creating steep competition.

This leaves many hardworking dentists with gappy schedules, unpredictable cash flow and insecure futures.

Clear aligner treatments help general dentists combat these new market conditions by offering a profitable service, without referring to specialists; increasing patient loyalty and cash flow.

So why aren’t more dentists doing aligners?

There are a couple of reasons. First, fear. “What if a case goes wrong?” That’s a common concern for general dentists who lack the training and support needed to successfully complete cases with confidence.

Second is resources. Implementing new treatments can be tricky without the right process, protocols and guidance. 

The OrthoED Institute helps dentists gain confidence and competence to take on aligner cases. With a principle-based approach and hands-on support, dentists can complete cases with predictable outcomes every time, regardless of their previous experiences or current resources.

Ready to find out more? Book a free 30 minute consultation with OrthoED to discuss your current aligner experience, requirements and to help choose the right orthodontic learning path for you.  

Call 1300 073 427  to  book your complimentary no obligation call or visit OrthoED.com.au to find out more.

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