A-dec 500: Australia’s leading premium chair

A-dec 500

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A-dec’s flagship model, the A-dec 500 has quickly become a top seller in the Australian premium dental chair market.

A-dec Product Marketing Manager, Shal Hafiz, says the new model A-dec 500 delivers even higher levels of quality, reliability and ergonomics—aimed at making dental practices more productive and sustainable.

A legend redefined

The new model A-dec 500 has been described as ‘the legend redefined’ and builds on the key strong points of the original A-dec 500, such as optimal access and flexible integration of ancillary components.

“The A-dec 500 really encapsulates all that is great about A-dec in a premium offering. No other chair answers the question: ‘Why A-dec?’ like the A-dec 500,” Mr Hafiz said.

“We’ve taken an excellent platform and made it even better. That is the result of more than a decade of product development and research where every single aspect of the chair was tested, refined, and improved, with the input of dentists all over the world.”

Ergonomics and access

Mr Hafiz said the A-dec 500 is great for dentists and great for patients. “The thin and flexible backrest and wide range of height adjustment, eliminates unnecessary twisting, stretching and straining, making access to the oral cavity easy for operators of all sizes.

“It really gets to the heart of offering superior care to your patients and looking after the whole dental team. 

“If you are performing long procedures, there is simply no other chair in the market you want your patients on,” Mr Hafiz said.

“Patient comfort is a hallmark of the A-dec 500 thanks to its unique orthopaedically pressure-mapped backrest design which has been further improved, along with an increase in its already class-leading load rating.

“It’s also more comfortable in the backrest and the new load bearing armrests give patients something to hold on to during recline or getting out of the chair and makes them feel more secure and comfortable during procedures. The armrests can be quietly folded out of the way for greater access when required.

“Most of the time when I ask dentists how their new A-dec 500 chair is going they just say, ‘the patients love it!’”

All new delivery system

Centrepiece of the new A-dec 500 is its slick new ‘Positive Positioning’ delivery system in which everything falls intuitively to hand along with an easy to use Deluxe Plus touchpad.

A touch activated capacitive switch built into the central grab handle, together with a secure new braking system automatically unlocks the delivery system for ease of positioning. And when released the control head stays in place, without drifting.

The all-new delivery head has a smaller overall footprint than the one it replaces, but now has room for six built-in instruments to accommodate high and low speed handpieces, electric motors, ultrasonic scalers, intraoral camera, Triplex syringe and future devices.

New Continental and traditional options

Two delivery system options are available: the traditional delivery system and an entirely revolutionary ‘Continental’ delivery head that allows the dentist to keep their eyes focused on the oral cavity while picking up or replacing an instrument.

The continental whip arms are designed so there is no pulling or straining, and the weight of the handpiece is perfectly supported by the whip arm when in use.

The new chair comes with the option of A-dec 500 LED operatory light that features a touchless sensor for on/off light activation that minimises touchpoints and simplifies asepsis.  

The new A-dec 500 is available from A-dec dealers around Australia. Phone 1800 225 010, or visit: a-dec.com 

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