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water control system
A-dec ICX tablets help maintain dental unit waterlines free of bacterial buildup.

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With the heightened focus on infection control within the dental practice, A-dec has introduced a useful new product to test the microbiological quality of dental unit water lines and surfaces accurately and easily in dental clinics. 

The 2-Min Water Control System rapidly and accurately determines the presence of biofilm in dental unit waterlines in just two minutes, to enable monitoring and action as required. 

The 2-Min Water Control System provides accurate results, eliminating incubation periods or the need to send samples to a laboratory. A water sample is taken from the dental unit waterline, and by adding a few drops of reagents, produces a result which is immediately interpreted and displayed on a Lumitester Smart device.

In the case of microbiological shifts, the dental team can then use the results to implement A-dec’s recommended maintain, monitor and shock waterline maintenance guide to ensure infection control protocols are maintained.

water control system
The 2-minute water tester gives accurate and rapid test results of biofilm presence in dental unit waterlines.

The advantage of this digital test device is rapid and accurate chairside results, without the long wait times and often inaccurate manual verification methods of commonly used bacteria swab test kits.

The Lumitester uses ATP-metry – which measures the presence of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is present in all living organisms, providing early warning of biofilm build-up at small concentrations.

It counts the number of photons emitted by the bioluminescence reaction and displays the results in RLU (Relative Light Units). When used with the 2-Min Water Control reagent kit, ATP is converted to colony forming units (CFU) to determine the bacterial load of the water sample.

This technology is widely used in the food industry and medical settings to test for harmful biofilms.

The most recently released ADA guidelines on infection control state it is good practice to test water lines on a regular basis, for example six-monthly or annually. There has been no change in the ADA’s target level of 200 CFU/mL in dental unit waterlines, however, clinics may set their own levels as a trigger point for action.

When high counts are found, the waterlines will need to undergo additional shock or sanitising treatments.

Dental unit waterlines are susceptible to biofilm build-up because of the narrow water passages in dental equipment and the slow movement of water through the water lines. The problem is greatly exacerbated if equipment has been left idle.

This risk is reduced somewhat by using a self-contained dental unit waterline system such as that found on A-dec chairs, treated with ICX infection control tablets.

The patented design of the A-dec pneumatic control block also eliminates stagnant water, by circulating fresh water through the control block each time a handpiece is used.

To optimise the quality of your dental unit water, be sure to use a fresh ICX tablet every time you refill a self-contained water bottle.

The exclusive 2-minute testing technology is available as a service on a scheduled basis by authorised and qualified A-dec dealers – similar to annual autoclave testing and validation. 

For more information on the 2-minute dental unit water testing service, contact your local A-dec dealer. Dealer and A-dec Territory Manager details in each state are available on the A-dec website or by phoning 1800 225 010.

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