A-dec sets the standard in infection control

infection control in the dental industry

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When it comes to infection control in the dental surgery, A-dec has you covered.

As one of the world’s most respected manufacturers of dental equipment, A-dec has also developed a comprehensive asepsis program.

A-dec provides a complete end-to-end system to make sure your dental units are fully maintained and do not pose a risk of infection to your staff or patients. In keeping with ADA Guidelines, A-dec recommends a three-step: ‘Maintain, Monitor & Shock’ approach to keeping dental unit water lines clean.


A-dec provides the tools to maintain dental unit water lines on a daily basis using A-dec’s convenient ICX tablets. Each time you refill the water reservoir you simply drop an ICX tablet into the reservoir to ensure the water is effectively treated against microbial contamination.


Monitoring requirements will depend on your water quality and the clinic’s individual requirements. Initially, test water once a month. If the results pass your specified action level (i.e. 200 CFU/mL using the ADA guidelines), then reduce the testing protocol to at least every six months.

A-Dec’s authorised dealers offer a digital water testing service to diagnose dental unit waterline quality on the spot. Once treated with ICX Renew and flushed clear, the self-contained dental unit water system is ready for routine treatment with ICX tablets at each refill to maintain water quality.

infection control in the dental industry


Periodically, as part of your clinic’s infection control protocol and to comply with ADA guidelines for water quality, dental unit water lines may require a shock treatment with A-dec’s ICX Renew. This is especially the case if the dental units have sat idle for an extended period.

A-dec builds asepsis right into its chair design, starting with their fully self-contained dental unit water system, using A-dec’s proprietary microbial-resistant AlphaSan tubing and a control block design that prevents water stagnating. Each time a handpiece is picked up the control block is automatically flushed with fresh water.

The new ‘Vaporiser’ feature – exclusive to the A-dec Pro delivery systems – purges the turbine with a blast of high-speed air, preventing aerosols and water being drawn back into the turbine head, helping eliminate potential contamination. It also avoids the last drop from dripping onto the patient when the handpiece is removed from the oral cavity.

A-dec’s NLZ electric motor, suitable for contra angle and speed-increasing and speed-decreasing handpieces is also favoured by many for its quiet, powerful operation and for greatly reducing the amount of aerosols produced compared to high-speed turbines.

At the end of the day, an ‘auto flush’ function on the new A-dec Pro delivery systems purges all tubing to ensure only fresh water is in the dental unit water lines.

From beginning to end, the thoughtful design of A-dec delivery systems ensures the highest level of infection control for you, your team and importantly, your patients.

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