A hefty problem


bad mouthing

Excessive weight and obesity have been associated with increased periodontitis risk. However, uncertainty persists regarding the causal relationship of such conditions.

In a study conducted by University of Adelaide researcher, Marco Peres, and which was presented at the 94th Session and Exhibition of the International Association for Dental Research, 539 participants were followed periodically from the time of their birth. Body measurements, dietary habits and overall health were assessed during their life-course until age 31 when they received full periodontal examinations.

The findings shows that excessive weight and obesity increased the risk of all outcomes: 11 per cent (overweight) and 22 per cent (obesity) were at a higher risk of periodontitis; 12 per cent (overweight) and 27 per cent (obesity) were at greater risk of moderate and severe periodontitis, and 21 per cent (overweight) and 57 per cent (obesity) were at higher of less serious gum disease.

When combined with other unhealthy habits, the risk was even greater.


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