ADA backs senator’s motion for better publicly funded dental care

public dental funding

The Australian Dental Association is calling on the Commonwealth Government to support calls by Senator Stirling Griff to work with state governments to provide more Medicare-funded dental care for all children, pensioners and welfare recipients.

“The ADA applauds the senator for his motion [tabled on Monday 24 February], seeking to increase publicly-funded dental care and improve ‘shocking rates of preventable oral health disease and hospital admissions’,” ADA president Dr Carmelo Bonanno said.

The motion adds to the growing chorus of voices urging Canberra to do more to ensure a higher number of Australians have access to dental services.

“It’s time that all levels of government and the dental profession work together on more sustainable funding models,” Dr Bonanno said.

“Currently states are unsure whether there will be even commonwealth funding for public dental waiting lists past June 2020.

“We need a commitment to extend the current National Partnership on public dental funding while other options are considered.”

Dr Bonanno added that the idea that oral health should be funded differently to the rest of the body is a nonsense.

“We have a successful model in the Child Dental Benefits Schedule, it’s now time to extend this model to other groups in the community such as the elderly and those on low incomes. 

“The ADA has been asking successive federal governments for years to consider the ADA’s Australian Dental Health Plan as a blueprint for action.”

This article was sourced from the ADA website.

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