ADA helps improve oral health promotion skills for Dental Health Week

hidden sugar
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To get dental professionals ready for this year’s Dental Health Week (3-9 August), the Australian Dental Association is launching an email series to help practices make the most of any promotional efforts they have planned. 

The theme of this year’s Dental Health Week is ‘How much sugar is hiding in your trolley?, which aims to show the average Australian just how much hidden sugar is lurking in the processed food they eat, how it affects their oral and general health, and how they can eat sugar responsibly. 

The ADA’s email series will provide everyone in the dental team—dentists, practice managers, hygienists, dental assistants, receptionists—with the tools they need to promote the hidden dangers of sugar through their practice, at community events or via digital channels. 

These resources include everything from how to use social media more effectively to how to stage a memorable presentation, whether it’s at a mothers’ group, school or shopping centre; useful articles and information from the ADA and ABC Life; and materials developed for other campaigns such as Rethink Sugary Drink, Sugar by Half, as well as for previous Dental Health Week campaigns.

You need only sign up for the email series to participate. 

This article was sourced from the ADA website.

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