ADA recommend standardised minimum fees


A report in a Sydney newspaper last weekend stated that the Australian Dental Association is calling for a government-mandated standard fees for dental procedures across New South Wales. ADA board member Dr Hugo Sachs was quoted in the Sunday Telegraph as saying, “It’s a disadvantage to the consumer that they can’t access standardised minimum fees. The fee schedule gives an average minimum price you can charge for each procedure and I think dentists by and large would love to see a suggested minimum fee schedule because it gives them a basis from which to work.

“It’s good for the consumer because they can hold the dentist to the suggested minimum fee.”

Bite attempted to contact the ADA to confirm the policy position, but we did not receive a reply by the time we went to press.

The newspaper article claimed a survey they had done found that a dentist in Mosman charged $275, or four times the price of one in Mt Druitt which charged $60 for a basic filling. And the price of having a wisdom tooth removed varied from $150 per tooth in Mount Druitt to $300 in Mosman.

Take-home whitening kits varied from $300 at a Penrith clinic to $695 on the north shore.

Dr Sachs was quoted as saying the price difference could be explained by different commercial rents in different locations, and varying costs for different techniques.

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