ADA wants access to government

Happy dentist likes ADA plan
The ADA believes its DentalAccess plan will make both patients and the profession happy.

With recent news reports that discussions are underway to determine what Australia’s new national dental scheme should look like, the ADA has set out to remind people about the DentalAccess policy, which it says will ensure the 30 per cent of the population that cannot currently access dental care due to disadvantage receive much-needed treatment.

“Currently, the Australian Government provides funding for dental care to mainly two specific groups within the population – teenagers (means tested) and those with chronic diseases,” the ADA wrote in their monthly update this month. “There is no dispute that many patients with chronic and complex conditions suffer from poor oral health as a result of their underlying medical conditions. However, unlike the Teen Dental Plan, the Chronic Disease Dental Scheme (CDDS) does not distinguish between those who can afford to pay and those who can’t.”

The DA has costed DentalAccess at an average of $1.4 billion/year from 2012/13 over the forward estimates, and create savings of $5.5 billion by ending the CDDS from 2012/13 over the forward estimates (average savings of $700 million/year). Although the government has always expressed its desire to close the CDDS, which may already allow for those savings.

The news update pointed out that the ADA, as representatives of the dental profession, is ready to assist the government in providing advice on how to best develop a targeted national dental scheme to ensure all disadvantaged Australians can access the dental care they need in a way that efficiently uses taxpayer’s money.


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