ADAVB has a new President


ADAVB PresidentThe Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch (ADAVB) has announced it has a new president, Dr Stephen Liew.

A press release from the Association says Dr Liew is passionate about fostering unity amongst the health professions, maintaining quality dental care despite the changing model of practice ownership and believes communication and rapport with patients is a dentist’s most vital professional focus. He has volunteered often throughout his career and maintains practices in Camberwell and at Monash University.

Here he answers some questions about the issues he sees himself facing in his new role.

What are the main issues facing dentistry today?

The rise of the internet educated patient, coupled with the commoditisation, corporatisation, offshore options and dollar driven focus in our complex area of healthcare presents a huge risk. It will erode the community driven family dental care model provided by upstanding dentists for generations, and perhaps even shift priorities away from scientifically based, high quality treatment. Communication with patients should now be our greatest clinical focus rather than just technical skills.

What do you look forward to in your new role?

Presenting the friendly and approachable face of the ADAVB. Greater gender and ethnic diversity exists on our Council than it ever has. I will be accessible to our members, especially our recent registrants, who face a tougher professional life than previous generations. All members are welcome to get involved in the common goal of improving our professional lives.

Why did you follow a career in dentistry?

Coming from a medical family, I was exposed to tales of hospital medical internships, the sadness of witnessing the end of a patient’s life and the incredible hours that our medical colleagues work. Healthcare fascinated me, as did music – I taught percussion and DJ-ed throughout university. The flexibility of dental professional life meant I could pursue other interests whilst genuinely helping people with their health.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

A friend and I established a company providing high impact, arena-ready, choreographed drummers for major events and we run not-for-profit drumming camps. I’m lucky to be able to play with good mates at events like Cricket World Cup, AFL Grand Final and rugby. It’s a great balance to reflect on when working on a complex clinical case. I also genuinely enjoy volunteering as a dentist e.g. in Nepal and Central Australia.

What are you passionate about?

A major one is fostering unity amongst the health professions. This leads to improved patient care, more effective government advocacy and makes our professional lives easier. Respecting an individual’s specific skills along with improved communication is an easy way to align with our allied health colleagues.

Regarding the ADAVB – I am keen for all members to get involved and move the profession forward.


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