ADIA & BDIA forge ties

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Two leading organisations representing dental product manufacturers and suppliers signed a cooperative agreement at last week’s ADX18 Sydney event.

The Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) and the British Dental Industry Association (BDIA) cemented what has been a close working relationship for more than 50 years through a new framework for information sharing and cooperation on issues of mutual interest.

“The dental industry in Australia and Britain jointly understand the importance of the role that industry has in supporting dental professionals to deliver optimal oral health,” ADIA CEO Troy Williams said.

“This is achieved through the investment by dental product manufacturers in new and innovative patient treatment options and in this area, there is so much that the ADIA and BDIA membership can learn from each other.”

ADIA and BDIA share the policy objective of achieving convergence of the regulations for the market approval of medical devices. Given that in Australia and in Britain the regulatory framework for the approval of medical devices is based upon that of the European Union, there are many ways the two organisations can benefit from each other by having different perspectives on the same regulatory approach.

“In the context of Brexit, it’s likely that, in many respects, Britain’s dental product regulatory framework may eventually look increasingly like that of Australia,” BDIA CEO Edmund Proffitt said.

“We expect that in the coming years, just like in Australia, the regulations will be based heavily upon those of Europe but with some opportunities for important changes that reflect local conditions.”

Another important area where the membership of ADIA and BDIA stand to benefit from mutual agreement is in the area of promoting their respective members’ products overseas.


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