Align paves the way for digital practice transformation with Align™ Oral Health Suite. 


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Align Technology has introduced the Align™ Oral Health Suite, a comprehensive digital suite designed to elevate dental consultations and help foster treatment acceptance. This innovative suite, integrated into the iTero Element™ Plus Series, offers a modernised approach to dental examinations, providing a comprehensive oral health assessment through a single patient-friendly scan as well as utilising engaging visuals and terminology.

Exclusively featured on the iTero Element™ Plus Series, the Align™ Oral Health Suite offers a comprehensive solution addressing diverse dental health conditions. Tailored to enhance patient comprehension, this suite of tools empowers practitioners to create and share individual oral health reports, capturing treatment recommendations discussed in patient consultations.

The Align™ Oral Health Suite seamlessly integrates advanced diagnostic aid and visualisation tools, including iTero™ NIRI, iTero™ Occlusogram, iTero™ TimeLapse, and Invisalign® Outcome Simulator Pro. These tools are consolidated into a single, user-friendly interface, readily accessible chairside on the iTero™ scanner and through the portal.

Unlock value for your practice

The Align™ Oral Health Suite is designed to elevate and streamline oral health patient consultations by empowering doctors and practice staff to engage and educate patients about their oral conditions. It provides an innovative clinical framework to empower engaging health conversations during patient consults, helping build patient understanding, trust, and treatment acceptance.*

Experience the future of orthodontic care with the Align™ Oral Health Suite, providing a unified platform that aims to streamline diagnostic process, enhance treatment planning, and ultimately elevate the overall patient experience.  

Align Oral Health Suite

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*Subject to the professional judgement of the healthcare provider.

Align Oral Health Suite

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