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Aceton intraoral cameras
The Acteon C50 intraoral camera 

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The Acteon C50 intraoral camera available from A-dec, provides a complete, convenient, and powerful high-resolution intraoral solution to dental practices.

The one device can be used to take patient photos in portrait mode and capture smile and intraoral images, including in Macrovision for up to 110x magnification to show cracks and fissures in far greater detail.

There’s no need for a digital SLR or Smartphone to take patient and full mouth photos. The C50 can do this and a whole lot more for a complete and comprehensive patient record and as a powerful detailed diagnostic aid with additional features.

This advanced, compact camera also features two diagnostic modes: ‘Perio’ mode and ‘Cario’ mode harnessing the power of fluorescence to identify caries, and chromatic amplification to show early gingivitis and plaque build-up not visible to the naked eye.

In everyday use for new patients and follow-up examinations, the Acteon C50 provides unprecedented vision in ‘Daylight’ mode which provides improved interpretation of tooth shades with accurate rendering of natural colours though the use of daylight balanced LED light.

‘Daylight+’ mode goes one step further by enhancing image contrast to help better define the condition and depth of tooth structure and highlight cracks and fissures.

This is a great aid to identifying pathology and facilitating follow-up post-treatment with clear ‘before and after’ images. It is also a great way to communicate with and educate patients.

The C50  provides true high-definition crystal clear vision with a greater depth of field and autofocus, allowing you to navigate the oral cavity easily without distraction. Featuring six times the resolution of earlier cameras (1920×1080 pixels compared to 640×480 pixels) and simple autofocus, the C50 delivers fast, high-resolution images. None of this fine detail is lost, thanks to a direct USB 3.0 connection which is a stable way to connect any device to the network. (Wireless devices can cause signal problems and connection loss. Other electronic devices can also disturb the signal and may lose the image).

Competitors who have wireless cameras, have lower image resolution, with USB2 or a compression system which loses vital image detail. The C50 camera has raw and uncompressed images – characteristics which deteriorate with a Bluetooth system.

One camera for all your needs

Now the answer to which camera you should purchase for your practice is simple: C50 is a single camera for all modes, encompassing:

  • macro
  • intraoral
  • tooth
  • smile
  • portrait.

Plus the unique Cario and Perio modes for seeing what the naked eye cannot see.

Pair with X-Mind X-ray

Aceton intraoral cameras
The X-Mind X-ray unit.

Where deeper diagnosis is required, the C50 is the natural precursor to an intraoral X-ray with Acteon’s X-Mind range of digital intraoral X-ray units to investigate caries, unerupted teeth, orthodontic, endodontic and periodontic issues.

The X-Mind features low-dose radiation which automatically adjusts to patient morphology. It is safer to use in young and elderly patients and means no more over-exposed images. X-Mind’s detailed high-contract images can be captured on a PSPIX2 phosphor plate scanner which produces an image in just seconds, or with a Sopro SOPIX2 or U-Sense digital sensor for instantaneous results.

Putting the technology aside, C50 and X-Mind are powerful tools which will help improve your diagnosis through a better, more detailed view of the teeth and soft tissues, while improving patient communication and case acceptance, encouraging return visits.  

The Acteon C50 intraoral camera and X-Mind X-ray are available from A-dec. Phone 1800 225 010 or visit

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