American Eagle gold flat plastic


by Dr Miranda Sageman, Bespoke Dental, Turner, ACT

This is my favourite flat plastic. The gold-plating works extremely well at stopping composite material from sticking to the surface. It’s very smooth and if you’re careful, there’s no need to pick or scratch off hardened material. And being gold-plated—well, what girl doesn’t like a bit of bling!

What’s good about it

I appreciate a balanced hand instrument and this one feels very good in a small hand. While it’s a fantastic tool for creating form and function in composite, I also use it in a number of other ways. When preparing a crown, I’ll use it to pack gingival retraction cord. There’s no need to get out the gingival packer.

I often use it to hold a matrix band flush against a tooth. When placing the rubber dam, it works elegantly when I need to lift the rubber dam over the clip. I also use it when I only need to reflect the gum back for a couple of seconds while I’m finessing a margin. It really is a versatile tool that gives maximum value for money.

What’s not so good

The American Eagle brand is expensive but I’m happy to pay more for something that’s beautifully constructed. It’s the same choice we want to offer our patients. Most people would rather pay more for the best possible outcome rather than have the procedure done as cheaply as possible. American Eagle instruments have a good reputation, handle well and last a long time. That’s why they are worth the extra cost.

Where did you get it


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