Anti-snoring mouthguard


appareil_antironflement_Panthera_72dpi_PPCreated by Panthera, a pioneering dental company in Canada, D-SAD (digital sleep apnea device) is a custom-made anti-snoring mouthguard tailor-made for the customer by a dentist for ultimate comfort.

The device has been designed to maintain the lower jaw in a forward position. The advancement of the jaw increases the diameter of the airway, thus improving the airflow so one can actually breathe clearly.

How is D-SAD different to competitor products?

Panthera is known for being a world leader in dental technology and has a very large R&D team to ensure the most up-to-date techniques and materials are used.

  • It is 95 per cent effective at stopping snoring immediately.
  • D-SAD does not have any metal parts. This means there is much less chance for the device moving the teeth and creating dental problems.
  • D-SAD is flexible and minimises bulk in the mouth when sleeping due to its small size and comfort.
  • D-SAD uses CAD/CAM technology (no competitor product in Australia does). This means that if a patient loses or breaks their device, they don’t need to get new impressions done. The dentist can simply order a new one as we have all their details stored.
  • D-SAD offers a warranty of five years.
  • Made from a homogeneous material.

The major technology behind this device is the fact that the system transfers forces in the horizontal plane. It reduces muscle pain and stress on the temporomandibular joints. Since the retaining rods and the pivot points located on the triangles of the lower retainer and on the anchor points of the upper retainer are elevated, vertical forces are suppressed. The fact that there are no vertical forces limits the retention of the retainers to strong teeth, which increases comfort and, consequently, improves patient compliance to the treatment. The device works in the same direction than the muscles and the design.

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