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Axis_apex-id-ffeaturedby Dr David Jang, Canada Bay Dental, Breakfast Point, NSW

The Apex ID by SybronEndo is a lightweight, easy-to-read unit. I’ve used a lot of different apex locators in various clinics but this one is, by far, the most accurate.

Whats good about it

Most apex locators require lots of adjustments in order for them to give consistent, accurate readings. The Apex ID continuously calibrates itself and gives trustworthy readings in real time. I find I hardly need to make any adjustments at all.

It is designed to work in any conditions—wet, dry, bleeding, saline, EDTA or sodium hypochlorite. As the readings are so accurate, it means that less X-rays are required. That, in turn, means less radiation exposure for patients and less time in the chair. It makes this little machine a very worthwhile investment.

The base unit sits in a charger and recharges cordlessly. It also has a distinctive sound so there’s no need to solely rely on visual cues as you approach the apex. Curved canals present no problem whatsoever.

I use the Apex ID with all my root canals and have been very happy with the results.

Whats not so good

It would be better if this apex locator was attached to an endo rotary motor. It needs to be hooked up each time it’s used and the wires are a little short. If they were longer, it would give the user more choice in how the unit is positioned.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas.


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