ASO has a new website



To help you better arm your patients with details about braces and clear aligners, you can now suggest they take a look at the recently launched website of the Australian Society of Orthodonists.

The brand new consumer website, Orthodontics Australia, is designed to offer consumers an easy-to-navigate platform with information and advice on all things orthodontic, including a new tool to locate a specialist in their area and also check if their existing practitioner is an orthodontist.

With a rise in short-term orthodontic treatments such as Fast Braces and mail-order clear aligners, it is more important than ever for consumers to be able to access balanced information from industry experts to ensure they are getting the right treatment.

Orthodontics Australia is the unbiased public advice channel created to help patients and their families understand their treatment options and rights when considering or undergoing orthodontic treatment.

The new site is jam-packed with fresh content covering orthodontic information and advice, and features a consumer-friendly explainer animation as well as downloadable fact sheets and eBooks targeting different audiences.

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