Dental Board to overhaul assessment of overseas dental specialists



Dental Board to overhaul assessment of overseas dental specialistsThe Dental Board of Australia—and its umbrella group, The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)—is looking for a better way to assess the skills of dental specialists trained overseas.

The Dental Board is calling for quotes for an “outcome-based assessment model for overseas-trained dental specialists” that will more carefully evaluate the abilities and knowledge of overseas specialists when they apply to work in Australia.

Those bidders wishing to make a quote will have their work cut out for them, since they’ll need to produce both the assessment model and an implementation framework for its rollout.

AHPRA has included quite a list of what the quote must cover:

  1. Reviewing current activities of AHPRA and other National Boards on outcome-based assessment models for overseas-trained practitioners, and assessing the applicability of this to the assessment of overseas-trained dental specialists for the purpose of registration in Australia
  2. Identifying current trends and emerging technologies used in outcome-based assessment models of health-practitioner competence and how they may apply to the assessment of dental specialists across the thirteen approved specialties for the purpose of registration in Australia
  3. Identifying current trends in assessment of dental specialists by other dental regulators for the purpose of registration, with an analysis of how they may be applied to the assessment of dental specialists in the Australian context
  4. Developing an objective, outcome-based assessment model that can be applied consistently across the thirteen dental specialties whilst providing for the differences across the specialties and uses the entry-level competencies as its basis
  5. Developing an implementation framework to support the implementation of the proposed assessment model identifying:

5.1 Timelines

5.2 Costs

5.2.1 Implementation costs

5.2.2 Estimates of costs for applicants based on cost-recovery principles

5.2.3 Opportunities for economies of scale

5.3 Resources required for delivery of assessment

5.4 Physical

5.5 Personnel

5.6 Infrastructure

5.7 Workplace access, and

5.8 Existing processes, facilities, and other resources that can be drawn on, such as approved program study

More details on how to quote and contracts are available on the Dental Board’s website

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