Assistina TWIN

Assistina TWIN

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Infection prevention and control practices aim to reduce the risk for patients, staff, and yourself. W&H has developed a step-by-step guide through the hygiene workflow in your practice to interrupt the chain of infection. The result would be happy instruments for a safe day-to-day operation. We would like to take a closer look to step 04 which is inspection and maintenance. 

There is no doubt that the ability to deliver efficient, quality patient care and maintain consistently high standards rests on the innovative equipment and tools that are available in modern practice. W&H has always directed its attention to developing and producing instruments, devices, equipment, and technology that will enhance clinicians’ skills and improve patient outcomes. 

Assistina TWIN offers a sophisticated dual chamber system in which you can connect your handpiece while another is being serviced in the adjacent closed chamber. When one is done, you simply need to slide the cover to the other side, and then with a click of a button the process will begin again; handpiece maintenance has never been so easy.

Looking after your handpieces, turbines, air motors and air-driven scalers has never been as efficient as it is with the Assistina TWIN. The continuous workflow that the dual chamber provides is undoubtedly the driving force behind the unit’s remarkable productivity with a record cycle time of just 10 seconds.  It can process up to 360 instruments per hours not just due to the innovative procedure with a short processing time, but also thanks to its ergonomic design and wide range of adaptors. 

Maximum lubrication and incredibly cost effective to run. One refill contains sufficient oil and solution to maintain approximately 2,800 instruments, and it oils all components efficiently in ten seconds flat to make rotational lubrication a thing of the past. It works by first nebulizing the oil before blasting it through the instrument at high pressure so that the fine mist reaches even the most remote parts of the gears without any need for the gearing components to be set in motion first. This is all possible without having to measure the exact amount of oil needed for each instrument, as the Assistina TWIN’s state-of-the-art process monitoring system does this for you.

The most innovative product is worth only half without technical support, which is why W&H offers faultless care and first-rate expertise with total commitment to providing the highest level of technical service. Our Service Center in Adelaide with a team of field-based engineers will be there for you and avoid any unwanted downtime. 

Add W&H’s unwavering reliability, unmatched expertise and refreshing approach to ecological sustainability and you get a solution that, when matched with innovation, can help clinicians take dentistry to the next level. So whether you are looking to enhance treatment outcomes, improve standards or streamline your workflow, the Assistina TWIN is an essential addition to your arsenal.  

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