Aussie kids to compete in national recycling challenge

recycling oral care waste
2019 Colgate community garden winners – Newcastle High School

Australian school students are going head-to-head once again in a national recycling competition for oral care waste. 

The 2020 Colgate Community Garden Challenge invites all pre, primary, intermediate, special and secondary schools in Australia to register, collect and ship all their oral care waste to innovative waste management company TerraCycle who will then turn it into new products. 

Three community garden sets, made with recycled materials, and donated by Colgate and Chemist Warehouse, will be awarded to the schools who accrue the most garden points from collections and online votes, and four will be allocated at random to any school who sends in at least one eligible shipment during the competition period. This ensures that every school, large or small, has a chance to win. 

Additionally, in monthly prize draws, schools will have the chance to win one of two prize packs of 60 upcycled toothbrush pens—another example of how oral care waste can become a valuable new product. 

Besides showing how recycled materials can be used as a sustainable alternative to virgin plastic, TerraCycle, Colgate and Chemist Warehouse hope the prizes will encourage collective action from the community. 

“Colgate is excited to once again partner with TerraCycle to offer this exceptionally popular program to students,” Colgate vice president and general manager of South Pacific, Julie Dillon, said.

“The number of participants reflects just how important recycling and sustainability is to local communities, and we’re pleased to provide a solution.” 

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