Aussie kids to recycle 1000s of toothbrushes in competition


oral care waste

Australian kids and students have the chance to win a recycled community garden set by diverting tens of thousands of oral care products from landfill, thanks to a recycling competition run by Colgate, Chemist Warehouse and TerraCycle.

Between 23 March and 31 October 2018, the Colgate Community Garden Challenge invites pre-, primary and secondary schools nationwide to collect all brands of oral care waste and send it to TerraCycle, which will give the waste a second life by creating new products.

Five recycled community garden sets will be awarded to five schools, with each set including three garden beds, two custom-made benches, one rubbish bin and one sign, plus a $500 gardening voucher to buy seeds and plants.

Besides showing how recycled materials can be used as a sustainable alternative to virgin plastic, Colgate, Chemist Warehouse and TerraCycle hope the sets will promote gardening and healthy eating among schools.

“Colgate is thrilled to partner with Chemist Warehouse and TerraCycle to give kids the opportunity to win a recycled community garden set while reducing landfill,” Colgate vice president and general manager of South Pacific Julie Dillon said.

“We’re confident they’ll do an excellent job of showing Australia how oral care products can be recycled and given a second life.”

“At Chemist Warehouse, we encourage Australians nationwide to be conscious of the environment and practice sustainable ways of living,” Chemist Warehouse Group COO Mario Tascone added.

“The Colgate Community Garden Challenge helps us achieve this by educating young people about the importance of recycling, upcycling and keeping as much waste out of landfill as possible.”

Schools are encouraged to visit the TerraCycle website to join the competition, access posters and resources to get started, and watch their competition ranking on a digital leaderboard. Individuals can also vote for their nominated school.

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