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hospital grade disinfectant

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According to owner, founder and chemist Andrew Stray, “From the day back in 1999 when Dentalife’s first product was formulated in my suburban garage, Dentalife Australia has remained unique in that our product portfolio for the local market is manufactured right here in Ringwood and Croydon, Melbourne. It is a fundamental component of our business to ensure that our research, product development and manufacturing is completed onshore; we have never deviated from our domestic R&D roots.”

Unlike many competitors, Dentalife’s research, development and manufacturing is completed in Australia (including the highly-regarded disinfectant wipes). Across a comprehensive portfolio of infection control products, Dentalife’s team of Melbourne-based R&D professionals work tirelessly to ensure the best formulas are developed and brought to market.

Dentalife are very excited to have launched Clinicare Hospital Grade Disinfectant – alcohol free formula. This formula has been a game changer, not only in the dental industry but also broader healthcare settings, as there is now an alcohol-free disinfectant wipe being manufactured in Australia. It has approved claims for bactericidal and SARS-CoV-19, boasting a kill time of just 30 seconds for Covid 19, which allows for improved practice efficiencies and infection control procedures. According to Sarah Sayeeda, Dentalife’s R&D Manager, “Developing Clinicare Hospital Grade alcohol-free disinfectant wipes has been one of our greatest success stories during the Covid pandemic. We have worked tirelessly to ensure we have developed the best formulated alcohol-free hospital grade disinfectant.’ Sarah goes onto explain “It is fantastic that Dentalife is able to develop products right here in our Melbourne laboratory; this means we can develop products specific to Australian market needs, whilst our factory in Bangkok develops and manufactures specifically to meet the needs of our Southeast Asian markets.”  

hospital grade disinfectant

Clinicare Hospital Grade Disinfectant has been formulated to kill a broad spectrum of micro-organisms. This product has been tested under dirty conditions and allows for approved claims of bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, yeasticidal and tuberculocidal. Sarah says, “We have formulated a disinfectant product that not only has activity against SARS-CoV-19 (Covid-19) but is also highly effective against a broad spectrum of micro-organisms. At a time when there is so much known about disease transmission and a growing concern regarding antimicrobial-resistant organisms, we are very proud to be on the front line in helping to stop the spread.”

New to the Dentalife product lineup is a suction cleaner range, Clinicare Suction Cleaner DW (Daily/Weekly) and Clinicare Suction Cleaner MR (Monthly/Shock treatment). Both products are formulated free of nasty chemicals (including phenols, chlorine and aldehydes) yet offer thorough and highly effective cleaning whilst leaving the surgery smelling fresh.

Also new to the Dentalife range is Clinicare Instrument Cleaner, the perfect alkaline formula for your ultrasonic cleaner. Clinicare Instrument Cleaner has been formulated to be low foam and contains corrosion inhibitors to help protect instruments.

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