Automatic documentation right through to integrated traceability

sterilisation process

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Nowadays, it is no longer sufficient just to sterilise the instruments. The successful result of the sterilisation process from the correct process of the cycle to the acceptance of the load must be documented. 

W&H offers a simple, automatic solution for documentation and traceability, which is not only transparent and safe, but also easy to manage.

Traceability at W&H

Lisa’s automatic documentation and traceability concept allows all options to be controlled and monitored easily.

  • The automatic process minimises the risk of error and eliminates manual steps
  • Who started the cycle and who accepted the load for use is recorded by a username
  • Every user assigned aPIN code
  • If the cycle is unsuccessful, it cannot be accepted and no labels will be printed

Incredible Inside and outside

From the outside

Smooth surfaces, a fresh, ergonomic design – and an incredibly crystal clear colour display. The menu structure and the artificial intelligence behind it turns high end B type sterilising into one of the most simple, comfortable and safest systems in the world. For full infection control within your daily work.

From the inside

So many elements, so much incredible technology and so many parts, completely integrated, in the right place and ready to serve and fulfil the daily requirements of a high end B type steriliser!

EliSense: Thanks to LED indicators and display the outstanding technology offers cycle status information, temperature information and much more to optimise both workflow and output at a glance.

EliTrace: For the first time, the sterilisation process can be traced and documented down to the individual instrument or instrument kit. Without additional software or computer.

Eco Dry+: Eco Dry technology adapts the drying time to the mass of the load. This reduces the cycle time, increases the life span of your instruments and optimises the energy consumption.

sterilisation process

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