New Products: the aveoTSD


avepTSD-kit-open-deepetchedThe aveoTSD® anti-snoring tongue stabilisation device is a first line treatment for Sleep Disordered Breathing and Snoring.

The aveoTSD® directly stabilises the tongue in a forward position during sleep to prevent it from obstructing the airway, increasing the three-dimensional airway space. Allows easier breathing and less vibration and obstruction in the airway, preventing snoring.

May be a suitable alternative to patients wishing to avoid the problems associated with CPAP and MAS appliances. For some patients CPAP can be bulky, noisy and psychologically unattractive. For others, MAS/MAD appliances can cause slow orthodontic drifting of the entire dental arch into a class three position. In patients with normal and especially deep bites this may lead to premature anterior contact and TMD issues. The TSD moves the tongue forward directly instead of moving the jaw forward and thus minimises the slow nocturnal orthodontic effect on the teeth and the bite.

Available in 3 sizes and a Professional Sizing Kit.

aveoTSD:     SMALL, MEDIUM OR LARGE       $106.70ea

aveoTSD kit: Small, Medium, Large aveoTSD, 4mm & 7mm clip-on Uni-Spacer for extra titration.     $197.10

Professional Sizing Kit: Small, Medium, Large aveoTSD, 4mm & 7mm Clip-on Uni-Spacer for extra titration. AVEOHPK   $197.10

Available from Erskine Dental – Freecall 1800 815 155, 02 6568 3773,
email: or visit the website.

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  1. This anti snoring device looks interesting, but the script gives no indication or diagrams re how it work .. I know it stabilises the tongue in a forward position to keep the airway open .. but how does it sit in the mouth etc … more specific information is needed for awareness.
    Please supply.
    Many thanks

  2. Hi Glenda, following the link at the end of the article to Erskine Dental (or calling them) will give you more information.
    All the best best,


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