Bausch Gnatho Film (16 microns)


by Dr Lakh Sangha, Karalee Family Dental, QLD

There are times when the contacts on a crown are too tight. The dentist then has to discern where it’s tight and adjust accordingly, which is a time-consuming process. On rare occasions, too much of the crown is removed and the patient has an open contact. I discovered Bausch Gnatho Film through a colleague and it helps speed up the process and eliminate the problems.

What’s good about it

The film is just 16 microns thick and one-sided so it only marks the contact points of the crown. It is seated onto the tooth and because it’s so thin, it will fit in as far as possible. It leaves a small mark on each contact arm so you know precisely where to adjust. If it’s really tight, it will leave a heavier mark.

These sheets are quite large so I usually cut them in half to get double use. They save time for the patient and the dentist as the film gives a precise and quicker determination of where the contacts are binding. As the film is one-sided, there are no marks on the neighbouring teeth. It’s also thin enough to mark the internal surfaces of the crown in case it’s binding in there.

Even though locally made laboratory crowns and CEREC are of the highest quality, one in 10 probably needs a fine adjustment. This film allows you to complete the process quickly and accurately. It’s very efficient.

What’s not so good

These are a bit more expensive than other options. In fact, we keep it in the crown drawer so us dentists don’t use it to check the bite. There is thicker, bite paper for that.

Where did you get it

Priority Dental Supplies 

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