Bayside kids to trial cutting-edge dental

Robyn and Ewa discuss oral hygiene with Luke
Robyn and Ewa discuss oral hygiene with Luke

Central Bayside Community Health Service in Victoria is the first clinic to have recruited 42 suitable adolescents to a study on the effectiveness of a new mode of dentistry. The ACE MID study aims to prove the cost-effectiveness of the ‘minimal intervention’ approach, designed to prevent the spread of dental caries in adolescents aged 11-14. It is hoped that it will prove that minimal intervention’s multi-pronged approach to care (including promoting healthy dietary and hygiene habits) can be a cost-effective method for local clinics to use in the near future.

Bayside’s uptake in the study is greatly encouraging for researchers who are currently undertaking baseline examinations, and will build on their findings from Bayside and other areas in the coming two years.

Kerina Princi, research fellow at Dental Health Services Victoria, congratulated Bayside’s dental community earlier in the week, saying that without the help of strong local support, such studies would be impossible to undertake:

“It’s important to acknowledge the great work and achievement all the Bayside clinicians have made to reach this important target. Without their dedication and hard work on the ground, the study could not recruit suitable candidates. This is an example of a great team effort and a commitment to contributing to important dental research.”

Participating children are seen more often for preventive procedures than those receiving standard dental care. They also receive a special homecare-plan detailing recommendations for oral hygiene and dietary needs. In the chair, fluoride varnish is applied to all tooth surfaces at each visit.

In addition, as part of the study participants receive toothpaste, a toothbrush, floss, plaque disclosing tablets and health promotion brochures, giving everyone a reason to smile.



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