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become an Invisalign provider

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Your gateway to expanded treatment options and business growth

Since before the turn of the millennia, the field of orthodontics has witnessed a remarkable evolution with technologies changing the way we approach teeth alignment. Among these advancements, the Invisalign system has pioneered the transformation of orthodontic treatment and partnered with doctors to transform smiles and change lives worldwide.

Behind every successful Invisalign patient journey is an Invisalign trained provider that completed a comprehensive process to become accredited with Invisalign Australia. Invisalign trained doctors receive an ongoing commitment by Align Technology, the company behind Invisalign aligners, to support and ensure that doctors continue to be knowledgeable and up to date with innovation releases.

The accreditation process comprises of multi-session training programs designed to equip practitioners with confidence and necessary proficiencies to integrate the Invisalign system effectively into practice. This includes a range of webinars, in-person or online full-day courses as well as a structured post-course curriculum.  

Onboarding beyond accreditation.

To support accredited Invisalign providers, support access to a local customer support team can help solve any product, process, or service based inquiries, an experienced clinical team is available to guide and support questions regarding our proprietary ClinCheck® software and other tools to create and amend treatment plans. Providers additionally have access to dental business information sessions with guidance drawn from a diverse team with years of industry experience, and specialised subject matter experts in marketing, intraoral scanner, clinical fields to hone into your specific interests or business needs.

Become an Invisalign provider, at your own pace.

Invisalign accreditation courses are offered throughout the calendar, which provides options available for you to choose when the best time is to add a leading doctor-prescribed clear aligner system to your practice.

Various course formats are available to suit your needs. The most popular starts with online Invisalign system introductions and flexible e-modules completed at your convenience. These provide detailed guidance on case submission, the Align Digital PlatformTM, and integration into your workflow. Doctors then attend an Invisalign day-course to complete accreditation.

Invisalign training isn’t just about getting qualified to use aligners.

Once accredited, you unlock dedicated support resources available locally. Invisalign trained providers can access assistance ranging from: live one-on-one sessions with Invisalign clinical specialists, specialised tech support for iTeroTM intraoral scanners, to guidance from Invisalign Practice Development Managers. These services are designed to help you harness growth opportunities available for your business with clear aligner treatment integration to your practice. To an Invisalign trained provider, our team of specialists should be considered an extension of your team to help you plan and develop your strategic goals and growth plans.

But as you know, dentistry extends beyond technical proficiency. We recognise the challenges and importance of great patient communication and care. Which is why Invisalign trained providers are also provided with communication and effective engagement sessions to help facilitate conversations with patients effectively, addressing their concerns, understanding treatment options, and set realistic expectations. 

By fostering open communication and building trust, you can influence a positive experience throughout a patient’s treatment journey.

Providing support you need to help find success for the future.

Becoming an Invisalign trained provider can be a transformative experience for professionals and their businesses. Through comprehensive training, tailored treatment planning for patients, and a commitment to continuous learning, Invisalign hopes to give doctors every opportunity to feel empowered and deliver exceptional care that transforms smiles with confidence. 

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This product is not available for purchase by the general public. The product is available for purchase from an Invisalign® trained dentist or orthodontist. 

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