Benefits of the Latest High Speed Dental Handpieces

high speed dental handpieces

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High speed dental handpieces are the devices that practitioners probably reach for more than any other for restorative dentistry.

If you’re just starting out in practice, buying the best you can afford is a good investment. If you haven’t upgraded for a while, it’s worth having a look at what’s now on the market.

The newer handpieces offer features that are great for both practitioner and patient safety and comfort.

Types of high speed dental handpieces

High speed handpieces are made with one of two systems – electrical and air turbine driven. The electric models generally have up to 200,000 RPM speed capacity, with consistent torque, however they tend to be quieter, and cause less vibration. Air turbine driven handpieces offer much higher speed, up to 400,00 rpm, with variable torque.

Common uses for high speed handpieces

  • High speed dental handpieces are used for many purposes:
  • The removal of tooth enamel and tissue.
  • To prepare teeth for fillings and/or crowns.
  • To remove parts of a tooth where there may be a need to create greater margins.
  • To section out a tooth during oral surgery

What the latest models offer

Here at William Green, we have the latest in Bein Air Turbo technology – air turbine driven high speed dental handpieces.

Handpieces such as the Tornado LED offer built-in lights to aid vision and lower vibration and decibel levels than ever before. Touted as the quietest on the market, this handpiece has much to offer in the way of patient reassurance – even for the most nervous – while contributing greatly to practitioner comfort over the course of the day.

The low decibels help protect practitioner hearing, and the non-slip surface of the handpiece has been designed ergonomically. The device incorporates patented technology to prevent overheating, reducing the chance of burns to the patient.

Bein Air’s bur-locking and rotation drive mechanism reduces vibration and offers greater stability. Coupled with a power output of 30 watts, this gives the Tornado the capability for faster and more accurate procedures.  

This is just one of the reliable, high quality handpieces we offer at William Green. Contact us for advice on the right high speed handpiece for your practice.

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