Bite launches iPad app

Find Bite on the App store!
Find Bite on the App store!

Bite’s iPad app became available in Apple’s App Store this week, further expanding Bite’s offering to dentists and members of the team. The Bite iPad app takes the magazine further than ever before, offering extra material like video interviews, web links, extra articles and more. “Imagine all of the depth of a website, and all the funky stuff you can do online, but with the look and feel of a magazine,” says Bite editor Rob Johnson.

“For example, a lot of dentists like our Tools of the Trade section. On the iPad app, if you’re reading a Tools review, you can tap on the picture, and it will take you to a list of reviews of similar products on our site.”

Similarly, our cover story on Dr Karin Alexander in the print magazine discussed the ADA’s approach to the new Dental deal negotiated between the Greens and the federal government. On the iPad version of the story, you can also watch a video of Health Minister Tanya Plibersek being interviewed about the plan, and read Green Senator Richard Di Natale’s explanation of why he voted for it (after opposing the closure of Medicare Dental for years).

“There’s just so much more we can do with the app that you can’t do with print, which is pretty exciting for our team,” Johnson says. “Keep an eye out in the next few issues for features like architect’s drawings for a design story that morph into a photo of the finished product when you tap the screen, or embedded video and audio files.”

It’s also easy to share files through email, or on social media, with just a touch of a button. The Bite iPad app brings the final piece of the digital puzzle to the magazine, complementing the print version, the News Bites email and the content-rich Bite website.

“And because the iPad is mobile, you can read the app anywhere you currently read the print magazine,” Johnson adds. “Except the bath. We recommend against reading it in the bath. It makes the screen steam up.”

The other major advantage of the iPad app is, because we don’t have the same print and distribution costs, a subscription costs less than $10—roughly one sixth of the cost of the print magazine. And thanks to our sponsor Oral B, anyone who subscribes now gets the first three months of the subscription free. If you decided it’s not for you, you can cancel your subscription before issue 4.

If you just want to trial one issue, again thanks to Oral B, you can download just the first issue for free. You can find the app on the App store here.

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