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An easy way to up your calcium intake.

The Wrigley Company has launched an Australian first in sugarfree chewing gum, new EXTRA Professional™ Calcium, providing 10 per cent of the Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) of calcium from chewing just two pieces for 20 minutes.

With approximately 90 per cent of the Australian population reportedly not consuming enough calcium from their diet, EXTRA Professional™ Calcium has been designed to complement a balanced diet, providing patients with a convenient, “on-the-go” option to boost their daily calcium intake.

A balanced diet, including dairy food sources, is the most appropriate means for Australians to achieve their RDI of calcium.

Consultant dietitian & exercise physiologist, Caitlin Reid, says, “Inadequate intake of calcium results in the body maintaining its blood calcium levels at the expense of our bones and teeth, causing calcium to leach from our bones.

“A recent study found that one fifth of women surveyed claimed the main barrier to not consuming enough calcium was the belief that calcium-rich foods are often high in calories,” said Ms Reid.

“EXTRA Professional™ Calcium is a welcome entrant to the market, as it is not always possible for some individuals such as those surveyed to achieve their calcium RDI from calcium-rich foods alone,” she explained.

New EXTRA Professional™ Calcium represents a significant product innovation for the Wrigley Company.

“EXTRA Professional™ Calcium is the latest addition to our sugarfree oral care portfolio here in Australia,” said Andrew Leakey, Marketing Director of Wrigley Pacific.

“With a large percentage of the Australian population already chewing gum, new EXTRA Professional™ Calcium is an ideal way to add a little bit more calcium to your diet, without making any major lifestyle changes to your current eating behaviours.”

“Chewing just two pieces of new EXTRA Professional™ Calcium for 20 minutes achieves 10 per cent of the Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) of calcium,” Mr Leakey explained.

EXTRA Professional Calcium can be purchased through Wrigle’s distribution partner Henry Schein Halas. Please visit or call 1300 65 88 22 for more information.


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  1. The New Zealand research demonstrating a doubled risk of heart attack from prolonged intake of calcium citrate must cause some decreased jubilation on what also may prove to be a threat.


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