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The Westmead Centre for Oral Health needs your help to send dental units to Cambodia (Image: J Frasse /

The Westmead Centre for Oral Health is looking for help to ship surplus dental chairs to Cambodia.

Westmead Hospital is disposing of 40 dental chairs and have offered the chairs for use overseas. Two university Dental Faculties in Cambodia University of Health Sciences & the International University have asked for the chairs for the training of their Dental undergraduates. Some chairs will be placed in orphanages and in prisons where weekly clinics are held for students to provide a service for this very needy part of the Cambodian community, while training.

Cambodia is a developing country of 15 mil people. It has been ravaged by civil war where the educated and skilled workers in the country were removed. During the time of the Khmer Rouge education suffered significant setbacks.

The life expectancy is 60 for males and 65 for females.  Number of dentists in Cambodia 245 (ratio per 1000 is 0.02) while in Australia we have 14500 (ratio per 1000 is 0.68).  The need for appropriate oral health care in Cambodia is enormous

Couriers ‘Pack and Send’ have been engaged to pick up the dental chairs, store them, and then pack them into a container for the trip to Phnom Penh. The cost for this service is $19,600 with an additional $300 per month for storage (ie $500/chair).

If you want to help, please contact Arthi Gopal (9845 7281), Tracey Bowerman (9845 7892) or Denise Fisher (9351 8300).


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  1. I would be willing to make a donation to help with this charity assistance to cambodia.
    If you could email me some bank details I could make a direct debit or please send an address and I can send a cheque when I return from holidays in later december.
    Kind regards
    Dr Paul Quirk,
    c/o Everton House Dental Practice
    545 South Pine Rd
    Everton Park.

    • Dr Quirk,

      Donations can be sent to TRACEY BOWERMAN
      Research and Postgraduate Coordinator
      Faculty of Dentistry
      Level 2, Westmead Centre for Oral Health| Westmead Hospital, Westmead | NSW | 2145
      T +61 2 9845 7892 | F +61 2 9845 7599


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