Tools of the trade: Canon 60D digital SLR camera


Canon 60D digital SLR cameraby Dr Adam Bradshaw, Jacaranda Family Dental, Gympie Qld

I use this camera every day for such things as new patient examinations, before and afters to record progress during orthodontic treatment, and to communicate with specialists in my lab. It has a 60-millimetre macro lens and a Canon MR14EX macro ring light.

What’s good about it?

Prior to purchasing this camera, I had tried various intra-oral cameras but I was never really pleased with the results. This camera has a bigger field of view and I find patient communication is much easier when I can show them a large photo rather than just one tooth.

I use retractors and a mirror in the patient’s mouth for most shots and even though it’s a little uncomfortable, most patients are fine with it. It only lasts for a few seconds and the quality of the image is excellent. The camera has a rechargeable battery that lasts for weeks but the battery for the flash unit has to be charged more frequently.

We use digital charting and digital X-rays in our practice so I just save the images into the patient’s file where they are accessible from any computer on the network. The photos make case presentation and discussion with patients much easier. Everyone knows how to look at a photo whereas you almost have to teach a patient how to look at an X-ray.

I also did a photography course with Dr Peter Sheridan at the ADA NSW Centre for Professional Development that I highly recommend.

What’s not so good?

The need to use the retractors and a mirror in the patient’s mouth is really the only problem. However, the vast majority of patients tolerate this very well.

Where did you get it?

I purchased the Canon 60D digital SLR camera on eBay (, but it’s available at all good camera retailers.

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