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Carestream Dental
Above: Dr Antoine Diss. Below: The image quality of the CS 9600 is clear to see. 

Delivering Greater Confidence through Intelligent Features, and Imaging Versatility

Dr Antoine Diss works with dentists at the association he formed in 2006 called Génération Implant. At his practice, he trains dentists in implantology, periodontology, implant prosthetics, bone fillings, the management of extractions, sinus fillings and more. Before implementing cone beam computed technology (CBCT) in his practice in 2010, Dr Diss would send his implant patients to a radiologist for imaging, which always required an additional appointment. Once he added his own system into his workflow, it became indispensable for many reasons—not the least of which was time savings. Besides eliminating the extra appointment for imaging, Dr. Diss said, “During a surgery, or after it, we can produce images for verification, all very rapidly. In addition, this imaging has enabled me to be more precise in my diagnoses.” 

Image Quality and Versatility

The CS 9600 CBCT system can accommodate Dr Diss’s imaging needs for implant and oral surgery because it features 14 field-of-view options that range from 4cm x 4cm to 16cm x 17cm. Metal artifact reduction (MAR) also plays a role in improving image quality. CS MAR works like a magnifier that enables you to pass through an image and see it with and without the anti-artifact filter. You can compare the native image to the image with the algorithm applied and very easily analyse both. 

Carestream Dental

First-Time-Right Imaging 

The CS 9600 has a pre-shoot function that helps prevent a bad first image. There’s also a system of video cameras that helps you determine the Frankfurt plane for panoramic exams. “There is another remarkable feature that sets the CS 9600 apart—its ability to make intelligent recommendations,” said Dr Diss. “We manage to generate highly reproducible and very high-quality images. So the system enables us both to obtain the same quality of imaging.”

Easy, Stable Patient Positioning

The CS 9600 facilitates proper patient positioning by also guiding the user via several intelligent features. “The system is designed with a high degree of fool proofing so that when you follow the protocol, you avoid errors—even for beginner assistants.”

Carestream Dental

Powerful Yet User-Friendly Software That Speeds Workflow

Dr Diss finds the system’s software to be very easy to use. At the same time, it is also very powerful. The software is open, which means Dr Diss can use it with most any implant planning software. It facilitates his very organised workflow. “I can consult with patients about implants and prepare a treatment plan. I can send them to imaging, which enables me to provide them with a precise cost. It also validates my treatment plan. I can then use the software to virtually place the implants directly in front of patients to educate them on the procedure.  If they accept the plan, my assistant sends the plan along with a digital impression (STL file)—if it is necessary—from the CS 3600 intraoral scanner. I can do all this via Carestream Dental’s single software platform, which makes the process extremely simple and effective. It sets the standard for this type of software. 

“I value the contribution of Carestream Dental in developing products of genuine quality. They enable me to play a role in changing the lives of my patients. Plus, I can spend the time that I save in better communicating with my employees—and we can all devote a little more time to our families.”  

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