Celebrating the best in public dentistry

Public Dentistry at its best.
Public Dentistry at its best.

Nominations are open for the 2015 Public Oral Health Awards, a Dental Health Services Victoria initiative to recognise the hard work, dedication and excellence of dental professionals working in Victoria’s public sector.

Any dental professional working in Victoria’s public dental sector, including The Royal Dental Hospital Melbourne and community agencies, is eligible for the 2015 Star of Public Dentistry award. It recognises individuals for providing outstanding service and treatment outcomes to their patients.

Nominations are also open for Public Dental Clinic of the Year, Dental Health Project of the Year and Community Oral Health Champion for those looking to recognise group achievements or community efforts in oral health promotion.

DHSV CEO, Dr Deborah Cole, said the Community Oral Health Champion was introduced to recognise that there are advocates of good oral health working just as hard outside the public dental sector as those within.

“The staff within the public dental sector do not work alone to promote good oral health for Victorians,” Dr Cole said.

“They partner with volunteers and staff from other disciplines to help spread knowledge of good oral health practices and share healthy tips within their circles,” Dr Cole said.

Winners receive $5,000* to spend on their professional development.

Nominations are open at https://www.dhsv.org.au/awards


*Not applicable for Community Oral Health Champion Award

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