Centaur’s dental X-ray systems


Mediasuite-on-3DChartingCentaur Software has released their latest dental X-ray systems—Mediaray PLUS, dental X-ray sensors and Mediascan phosphor plate scanner, for practices after a more traditional feel into digital X-ray.

As with all dental imaging equipment, Centaur sells—these devices come fully integrated into the Dental4Windowssql practice management system and fully backed by Centaur’s award-winning customer service and support.

Each device also comes with MediaSuitesql Professional, the digital imaging module to Dental4Windowssql bringing all digital images into the 2D or 3D Charting screens of Dental4Windowssql. Mediaray PLUS has rounded corners and convex top allowing optimal sensor positioning and patient comfort. Using the latest CMOS technology, with the advanced Mediasuitesql software and a thinner sensor face border, Mediaray PLUS delivers high-definition images at the lowest possible X-ray dosage.

This plug and play sensor is easy to install and can be connected to different computers throughout your practice. The Mediascan phosphor plate scanner features a unique colour LCD touchscreen panel for seamless scanner operation. With no physical push buttons on the unit and an intuitive user interface, entering operator instructions is easy.

Whether you’re looking for a central scanner that can distribute images throughout your practice, or an affordable exam-room based solution, the next-generation Mediascan phosphor plate scanner is a fully featured system that delivers high-quality digital images along with the flexibility that helps them grow.

For digital X-ray and imaging solutions, Centaur Software provides multi-award-winning customer service and support.

Contact Centaur Software on 1300 855 966 or information@centaursoftware.com.

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