ChatGPT to help dental students retain knowledge and enhance performance

chatGPT helps dental students
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A US study that utilised current dental course materials, syllabi, and textbooks to investigate ChatGPT’s potential benefits for dental students, has found that ChatGPT has the potential to enhance students’ understanding and knowledge retention.

The study by a team at Meharry Medical College, Nashville—called ‘ChatGPT to Help Dental Students Retain Knowledge and Enhance Performance’ and still to be peer reviewed by a journal—was presented at the 102nd General Session of the IADR earlier this year in New Orleans. 

The study conducted an extensive literature review, analysing previous studies in different educational contexts to evaluate ChatGPT’s efficacy in dental education. Questions aligned with dental course materials and objectives were formulated to ensure ChatGPT’s relevance to the specific needs of dental students.

The research encompassed various dental courses, including operative dentistry, nutrition, periodontics, oral radiology, and the biology of disease.

By applying ChatGPT in these courses, its capabilities were harnessed to generate step-by-step instructions, summaries, and questions to supplement traditional learning methods. Data on students’ interactions with ChatGPT were collected and analysed, assessing usage patterns, engagement levels, and perceived benefits.

The study’s results indicated that ChatGPT has the potential to enhance students’ understanding and knowledge retention. In addition, ChatGPT can effectively provide instructional support and generate relevant content for dental students.

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