Child Dental Benefits Schedule closure update


Dr Rick Olive on Child dental benefits scheduleThe termination of the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) is set to meet with even more opposition as the Australian Dental Association (ADA) rallies resistance. The ADA has started a petition and a social media campaign—#savetheCDBS— that reaches out to both dentists and the public to help fight the looming cuts to dental heath care.

President of the ADA, Dr Rick Olive, further to his comments yesterday continues to denigrate the changes that are set to remove dental health funding for 3.4 million disadvantaged children.

“This election year plan to end the Child Dental Benefits Schedule is bad health policy which the ADA is flabbergasted to hear about,” said Dr Olive. This decision, if announced in the Federal Budget, will significantly disadvantage children from low income families, who we know have greater oral health needs.”

Discontinuation of the scheme is set to create a pattern for ongoing to decay issues, that may be unresolvable. Dr Olive said “Once tooth decay develops, it’s likely to have to be managed for the rest of that child’s life. Recent research indicating that Australian children have increasing prevalence of tooth decay further confirms that this is a critical area that requires government to play a responsible role.

“Sadly it seems the Australian Government is abandoning its commitment to children’s oral health. To sacrifice this scheme as a budgetary measure is plainly wrong. This is a scheme that squarely benefits disadvantaged children.”

With the scheme axed the future of Australian children’s dental health remains unsure.

“Minister Ley’s likely plan is contrary to the recently announced National Oral Health Plan, which she and her fellow State and Territory Health Ministers have signed. It is not good enough to say that the states and territories may be provided additional funding which they might dedicate to children’s dental health.

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  1. The cancellation of the child dental scheme will have a major impact on our patients as the majority of the children we treat have at least four (4) active various lesions. If they can’t access this scheme, these cavities will be un treated & when they cause toothache they will end up at hospitals which will lead to over loading the hospitals & increase waiting list times. These children need all the help we can give them! Taking the finding away is only going to impact on children leading to increase tooth ache & pain! Not fair at all!!!


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