A new way of working has begun


The new Classe L9Anthos has rewritten the rules on ergonomics.

With the latest Classe L9, Anthos has imagined a new way of working. More immediate, more effective, and where ergonomics merges with operational freedom to provide enhanced performance. Technological innovation becomes cutting-edge professionalism, where practicality, design and flexibility combine to create a whole new ergonomic crossover concept.

New patient chair

Anthos has created a patient chair with a seat articulated at the knee joint, to make patient access quick and easy. The powered footrest provides patients with an unobstructed access to the seat.

It’s a design that adapts well to even the smallest of surgeries, meaning more room and full freedom of movement for the team around the unit. Similarly, the new patient chair offers improvements in the face-to-face dentist-patient relationship. Engagement and discussion of the clinical situation become simpler, more immediate and productive, creating a more reassuring space.

Two versions for more options

Anthos has designed a more flexible dentist’s module that provides a helping hand, whatever the circumstances. Even when space is at a premium, the compact design provides plenty of operating space and unbeatable comfort. The Side Delivery allows patients to settle into the chair without seeing the instruments, putting them at ease. A previous limitation of some alternative side delivery/cabinet dental units on the market was limited operator height adjustment. This is easily overcome with the Classe L9 Side Delivery quick key element height adjustment, allowing customised operating for dentists of different heights

The Classe L9 is also available in the popular Continental Delivery. The new design benefits from improved arm-mobility eliminating barriers of traditional ergonomics to ensure enhanced teamwork. Thanks to the improved swivel action of the fixed arm and outstanding maneuverability of the self-balanced arm it now allows the L9 Continental Dentist Table to be positioned on either side of the patient.

New compact unit body

With the Classe L9, Anthos has created a compact unit body and an adjustable module, perfectly equipped to smooth the assistants’ work. There is easy operator access to administer the unit’s advanced hygiene features, highlighted by the top-loading of hydrogen peroxide for waterlines disinfection protocols. The Classe L9 offers ergonomically improved access to automated sanitisation of the suction system, powered cuspidor bowl and optical sensor cup fill options for assistants. Together, with many other subtle ergonomic improvements and carrying over the many ergonomic advantages of the famous Anthos Classe A family of dental units, the Classe L9 is a must for any dental operator serious about the ergonomics of their dental unit.

For more information please contact ANTHOS in Australia on 1300 881 617, info@anthos.com.au or visit an ANTHOS showroom near you to find out more about the ergonomic advantages of the NEW Classe L9.

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