Contra-angle handpiece – the perfect tool for special surgical requirements

surgical contra-angle handpiece

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When performing wisdom tooth extractions, tooth separations and apical resections, it is not uncommon for dentists to encounter problems such as a difficult anatomical access, which pushes minimally invasive, substance-preserving treatment methods to their limits. 

W&H is offering the answer to all questions in terms of a considerably improved access to the treatment area and optimal material attributes in the form of the surgical contra-angle handpiece with 45° head. The WS-91 and WS-91 LG contra-angle handpieces unite the advantages of straight and contra-angle handpieces for the first time and make the dentist more effective.

The 45° angle facilitates the view of the treatment site and also the procedure itself. If the dentist has often had difficulty with small mouths in the past, access to the upper molars is now considerably easier. It offers improved spatial conditions between the cheek and operating site in buccal applications and much less obstruction of the view of the site.

Durable, ergonomic and robust

In addition to the angled head, the contra-angle handpiece offers a wide range of additional advantages that make it indispensable for oral and maxillofacial surgery. For example, the ratio of 1:2:7 allows fast and efficient working. Depending on the drive speed, it is possible to achieve speeds of up to 135,000 revolutions per minute on the rotating instrument. A 3-port spray guarantees sufficient cooling of the rotating instrument and the tooth/bone.

Dentists often know the problem of tired hands and the WS-91 und WS-91 LG counteract this problem with their ergonomic design, which has been developed specially for a wide range of users, both left-handed and right-handed, and ensures fatigue-free working.

Work in daylight quality

Light-guided instruments have been around for many years, as they put the benefit of precise visual control of the dental treatment at your fingertips. In the surgical sector in particular, however, the necessary sterilisation of the instruments poses particular challenges for the light source. Nowadays, close-up illumination of the surgical site has become the standard with surgical procedures and allows efficient treatment.

At the same time, the stress factor for the dentist is reduced, as the work area is optimally illuminated at all times, which results in more comfortable working. The 45° contra-angle handpiece is also equipped with the mini LED+, which is half the size of a normal LED, and illuminates the surgical site optimally. 

The dentist benefits from a light source close to the tip of the instrument and natural reproduction of the red tones. As there is a generator integrated in the instrument, the white light is generated automatically as soon as the contra-angle handpiece is switched on. This improves your working conditions and is much easier on the eyes!

Your advantages at a glance

  • Matched to Implantmed SI-1023, SI-1015 and SI-1010
  • Optimal illumination at all stages of the work
  • Fatigue-free working thanks to ergonomic balance
  • Robust and long service life due to high-quality stainless steel with scratch-resistant coating
  • Developed for the W&H electric motor EM-19 LC
  • Work with daylight quality
  • Can be dismantled for thorough cleaning
  • Thermo washer disinfectable and sterilisable
  • The 45° contra-angle handpiece is available now in two versions both with and without mini LED+.  

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