Country-based health professionals invited to share their stories

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The National Rural Health Alliance (NRHA), which exists to champion the needs of the health workforce in rural and remote communities, is looking for health professionals in these areas such as those working in the dental field, to share their stories about how their work is making a difference. 

The aim is to publish these personal experiences alongside documented examples of the unique challenges facing those who work away from Australia’s well-resourced main urban centres, with a view to promoting the need for better access to health services in rural and remote Australia. 

The initiative also includes the development of a series of fact sheets that document key statistics on the rural workforce in Australia, who often have to deal with issues of under-resourcing, particularly in areas of key concern such as oral or dental health. 

The NRHA is asking those interested in contributing to this project to tell their stories in more than 500 words, addressing the following points: 

  • what your typical day looks like 
  • the types of services you provide 
  • the unique challenges you experience 
  • how you deal with these challenges
  • what you think could be done differently to improve the care you provide 
  • why you #loverural 

Stories should be submitted by Wednesday 24 July to (If you would prefer not be named, your story will be published anonymously—please indicate this in your covering email.)

This story was sourced from the ADA website.

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