CS 9600 Designed for first-time right imaging

CBCT extraoral imaging system

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As the most intelligent CBCT extraoral imaging system on the market, the CS 9600, has received its fourth Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award. The machine combines powerful imaging, advanced software and artificial intelligence (AI) to make it Carestream Dental’s “smartest” imaging system.

The five-in-one system’s intuitive features make patient positioning easier for first-time-right imaging every time, and AI technology automatically detects and traces the Frankfort plane. The CS 9600’s pre-set programs, quality control tools and ability to automatically detect when the wrong accessory is selected all go into making the system a winner.

The CS 9600 features multiple advances that enable you and your staff to achieve high-quality, reproducible images with minimal experience using the system. Its intuitive workflow and cutting-edge technologies bring a new level of automation and simplicity to dental and maxillofacial imaging. 

Stable Positioning

  • Patient can be scanned standing or seated using the optional removable seat1 that maximises patient stability and minimises risk of motion.

Live Positioning Assistant

  • Patients are aligned using cameras, while live patient views are displayed on the SmartPad or easy and exact positioning

User-friendly Smartpad

  • Intuitive SmartPad and clear interface guide the user through the exam, simplifying the procedure from exam setup to image quality control.

More Power, Less Artifacts, Less Dose 

  • The 120 kV high-power imaging chain* helps reduce artifacts and improve contrast while reducing effective dose for CBCT exams.

Smart Technologies

  • SmartAuto Pan* and SmartAuto 3D* analyse the patient morphology to automatically calculate the right exposure settings and trajectory, or to precisely define the field-of view position


  • CS MAR* drastically reduces metal artifacts and even lets you explore images dynamically – with or without MAR filter – for more confident diagnoses 

CS Face Scan

  • Capture realistic 3D facial photos with the optional CS Face Scan* and automatically superimpose the surface scan with CBCT images and 3D models.

Three Upgradable Versions

The CS 9600’s flexible design allows you to upgrade to a larger field of view without replacing the unit when you want to grow into new areas. In addition to 2D and 3D imaging and object scanning, practices have the option to include face scanning or a scanning cephalometric arm.

  • CS 9600 12×10 EDITION FOV: 4cm x 4cm to 12cm x 10cm
  • Ideal for endodontics, periodontics, impants, 3rd molars and general dentistry
  • CS 9600 16×10 EDITION FOV: 4cm x 4cm to 16cm x 10cm 
  • Adds FOVs for complex implant cases, bilateral TMJ, airway and most oral surgery.
  • CS 9600 16×17 EDITION FOV: 4cm x 4cm to 16cm x 17cm 
  • For all needs including radiology, ENT, maxillofacial and orthognathic surgery. 

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