Dangers of dental tourism


A Northern Territory dentist has warned about the risks of dental tourism following a perceived increase in patients getting cheap dental work done in South East Asia. But even as the warning has sounded, news is coming out that the latest hot dental destination is Romania.

Dr Elise Beachley recently told ABC radio that she’s seen an increase in the number of people travelling to South East Asia to undergo cheap dental procedures. “Dentists in Australia are fairly highly regulated,” she added. “There’s no way of ascertaining whether these dentists in other countries had to undergo these regulatory checks, so there’s really no guarantee that their work will be of a similar standard.”

According to reports in the field of health tourism, Romania will become one of the most affordable spots for dental tourism because it’s affordable, waiting lists for treatment are short, training and equipment are all up to date, and dental tourism in Romania has already a well rooted tradition for years now. Even more so, there are many patients who combine their medical needs with pleasure, so they schedule their dental treatments for when they have vacation.

One of the main reasons for which prices are now more affordable than ever on dental care plans in Romania, is that the country is trying to build up its healthcare industry after the recent economic downturn.


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