Danville Mega Grip Forceps


by Dr Robert South, West Lakes Dental, West Lakes, SA


About 18 months ago, I was attending a Raymond Bertolotti course in Sydney and first came across the Mega Grip Forceps. They are designed for removing matrix bands but work equally well in removing anything that is wedged between the teeth.


What’s good about them

They are shaped a bit like lower molar forceps but have a very ‘grippy’ texture to them. It is this cross-cut texture which helps to grip the smooth matrix band. One of the problems with removing matrix bands, even when using diamond-tipped tweezers, is that it’s difficult to get enough traction to grip the band and pull it out. If you have a really tight contact which, of course, you want, the resin system can partially bond to the metal on the matrix and make it extremely hard to remove. Even with these forceps, it can take a bit of wiggling but it’s far superior to anything else I have ever used.


What’s not so good

The only disadvantage is that the jaws should be slightly longer. There are times when it can be a little bit difficult to get into the area and get a grip on the matrix. Apart from that, it’s a marvellous little tool. All the dentists have a set of them in our practice.


Where did you get it



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