DBA says Conscious Sedation Guidelines finalised

The DBA's guidelines are finalised, and will soon be available.

In its latest communiqué (issued earlier this week), the Dental Board of Australia announced it has approved the final version of the Guidelines on Conscious Sedation Area of Practice Endorsement (the Guidelines) which were were circulated for a period of public consultation ending on 7 October 2011. A copy of the communiqué is available online here.

The Board said the guidelines will be published on the Board’s website in the upcoming weeks. The currently published Transition Guideline Conscious Sedation Area of Practice Endorsement will be removed from the Board’s website as the transition period ended last year.

In addition, the Board’s Conscious Sedation Working Group in their consideration of matters relating to the endorsement in relation to conscious sedation noted that there were broader issues in relation to the use of sedation by dental practitioners.

The Working Group noted that dental practitioners needed guidance in relation to the use of sedation in other forms, and recommended a discussion paper on Anxiolysis (the Discussion paper). The Discussion paper will be released in the upcoming weeks on the Board’s website. The DBA says Dental practitioners and the public are encouraged to comment.


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