Dental AI Council launches to help define the future of AI in dentistry

AI in dentistry
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Leaders from across the dental industry recently announced the formation of the Dental AI Council (DAIC), an organisation devoted to helping define the future of artificial intelligence (AI) in dentistry through research and education. 

DAIC members represent all major industry constituencies, including practitioners, dental service organisations, equipment manufacturers, practice management software providers, insurance carriers, laboratories and universities. 

As AI begins to yield increased efficiency, accuracy, consistency and insight in a variety of dental applications, the DAIC will seek to stimulate greater industry-wide understanding of the technology. 

The DAIC’s primary function is to lead independent research to ascertain where and how AI will prove most valuable to dentistry, empirically validate its functional capabilities and performance, and answer fundamental questions related to AI’s role in the oral healthcare ecosystem of tomorrow. 

In addition to research, the DAIC will facilitate AI-related educational programming, thought leadership content and public advocacy initiatives.

“Diagnosis, treatment, prosthetics, practice management, claims review, FWA oversight—the list of areas where AI can improve performance in our industry is long,” said Dr Linda Vidone, chief clinical officer at Delta Dental of Massachusetts.

“To see that performance boost soon, we’ll need to buck a trend where innovation in dental lags behind other medical fields. 

“The DAIC will be a reputable information source and guide to encourage AI’s early adoption and mindful deployment in dentistry.”

The DAIC membership is composed of clinicians, professors and senior executives of leading companies, including Cigna, Delta Dental, DSG, Heartland, Henry Schein, NDX and Walmart.

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